Adhesives & Sealants

  • Sika 215 Primer


    Sika Primer 215

    Use Sika 215 Primer to prepare timber surfaces for caulking with Sika's 290 Deck Caulking product. Download the product data sheet for technical information on this product. SKUSize SIK-1428 250ml SIK-117571 1 litre

  • 3M Silicon Sealant - Fast Cure


    3M Marine Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure 5200

    * Fast curing white polyurethane that chemically reacts with moisture to quickly deliver strong flexible bonds with wood and fibreglass.* Water tight seals above and below the waterline. SKUSizePackaging SAW-5220 88ml Tube SAW-6520  296ml...

    $25.70 $29.80
  • Duralac Jointing Compound

    Duralac Passive Jointing Compound 115ml

    Duralac Passive Jointing Compound 115ml Inhibits electrolytic corrosion between dissimilar metals. Use in marine/industrial applications wherever two metal surfaces are in contact. Use where components are in contact with metals such as stainless...

  • Sikaflex 205


    Sikaflex Cleaner 205 Pre-treatment Agent 1lt

    Sika Aktivator-100 is a solvent-based colourless adhesion promoter which reacts with moisture and deposits active groups on the substrate. These groups act as a link between substrates and primers or sealants/adhesives. Sika Aktivator-100 is specifically...

  • Sikaflex 206 Primer


    Sikaflex 206 Primer 250ml

    Sika Primer 206 G+P is a solvent-based black primer, which reacts with moisture and forms a thin layer. This layer acts as a link between substrates and adhesives. Sika Primer-206 G+P is specifically formulated for the treatment of bond faces prior to...

    $53.80 $62.70
  • Sikaflex 209 Primer


    Sikaflex 209 Primer 250ml

    * Use for a UV resistant adhesive with a high degree of elasticity.* Resistant to ageing and weathering.* Suitable for organic glasses.* Solas approved.

  • Sikaflex 290 DC


    Sikaflex 290 DC PRO Deck Caulking

    Sikaflex 290 DC PRO Deck Caulking Used exclusively for caulking of joints in traditional timber decking in boats and yachts. Resistant to UV light and weathering. Can be sanded. Non-corrosive and easy to apply. Solas approved. Prepare timber with Sika...

    $34.64 $40.40
  • Jeffery's Marine Glue

    Davey and Company

    Jeffery's No. 2 Black Marine Glue

    Jeffery's Marine Glue is a traditional product now owned by Davey & Company.  This product has been the premier choice for traditional deck seaming around the world for decades. Still produced in England from the original formula, it is as...