• Traditional Rope Fender

    Traditional Rope Gunwale Fender - Custom Made

    Classic Boat Supplies works with Langman Ropes in The Netherlands to supply traditional custom rope fenders. These beautiful creations are knotted in the traditional style by artisans in Holland. Created according to the design, dimensions and style for...

  • Rope Bow Fender

    Decorative Rope Bow Fender

    Hand-made in Australia these traditional rope fenders are designed to wrap around the bow and transom of tenders and other small vessels. With an eye at each end they can be tethered to a suitable gunwale eye or saddle to prevent your tender from...

  • Canvas Water Buckets

    Hand-Made Canvas Buckets - Assorted Colours

    These nautically-themed canvas buckets are hand-made in Australia and feature premium grade canvas fabric, leather reinforcements, copper rivets (so they won't rust) and soft rope handle. Attach a lanyard and use for scooping up sea water or use...

    $121.00 $132.00
  • Rope Fender

    Traditional Rope Fender

    Traditional rope fenders made in Australia. Produced by hand using 16mm Langman's Hempex® rope, these small rope fenders look great on smaller timber boats and will last many years. SKUFender LengthFender WidthOverall Length with...

  • Seizing Twine

    Langman Ropes

    Seaming Twine - Hempflax 200g

    Produced from premium quality 100% natural flax fibres spun into a strong seaming twine. The long flax yarns makes this twine smooth and strong. Great for delicate work, sewing, stitching, model ship rigging, etc. Sold in 200 gram spools. SKU...

  • Waxed Whipping Twine

    Robline Whipping Twine 1.5mm x 32m - White

    High quality waxed polyester thread by Robline for whipping or seizing the ends of lines, and many other uses aboard too. Available in a white only, Robline whipping thread is a must-have item aboard all sailing boats. These spools of whipping...

    $20.70 $23.40
  • Waxed Whipping Twine

    Robline Whipping Twine 0.8mm

    FSE Robline lightweight whipping twine offers high strength and performance. Available in a range of colours and diameters. Part numberDiameterLengthColour SAW-342200 0.8mm 80m White SAW-342202 0.8mm 80m Red SAW-342204 0.8mm 90m Blue SAW-342206...

    $18.00 $19.00