Chrome Plated Louvre Vent

Brass Louvre Vent - Chromed

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Classic chrome plated brass louvre-style ventilators in a range of sizes for various applications on the boat from simple airflow to heating grills and covers for deck vents.

SKUWidthHeightSlat Style
DVY-8547/CP/150/075 6" (150mm) 3" (75mm) One Column 
DVY-8547/CP/150/150 6" (150mm) 6" (150mm) One Column
DVY-8547/CP/150/225 6" (150mm) 9" (225mm) One Column 
DVY-8547/CP/225/075 9" (225mm) 3" (75mm) Two Columns
DVY-8547/CP/225/150 9" (225mm) 6" (150mm) Two Columns 
DVY-8547/CP/225/225 9" (225mm) 9" (225mm) Two Columns 
DVY-8547/CP/305/075 12" (305mm) 3" (75mm) Two Columns 
DVY-8547/CP/305/150 12" (305mm) 6" (150mm) Two Columns 
DVY-8547/CP/305/225 12" (305mm) 9" (225mm) Two Columns 
DVY-8547/CP/305/305 12" (305mm) 12" (305mm) Two Columns